Bulk Rates

There are no bulk rates or quantity discounts. Why? Simple! Because we strive to bring the absolute best price to our customers everyday, 1 can or 1,000 cans, it doesn’t matter.

Who are our customers? You! The end user, the one out there putting in work actually using our paint. Bayonet was made with a very particular customer in mind. One who demands performance under extreme and varied conditions, at a disposable price point able to match the needs of heavy users. Bayonet was never designed to be carried in boutique shops, it’s literally not in our pricing structure. Don’t ask.

So when you see $3.50ea on our site, it’s not because the paint is cheap. It’s not because we wouldn’t love to hook people up with even greater prices on bulk purchases. The reason is very simple. The discount is already built into our everyday price, it’s wholesale pricing standard to everyone.

Bayonet brings our absolute lowest price point possible to the end user every day. Enjoy!